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Best Way to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

Fragile pieces are often the most important items when it comes to a move. They can be bigger, more expensive, or they might have sentimental value.

It can be difficult figuring out the best way to pack obscure, delicate pieces like a glass sculpture or a piano. Page Relocation has experts here to advise you on the best way to pack fragile items for moving.

When packing fragile items for moving, use smaller, sturdier boxes. Flimsy boxes can fail, and the results can be disastrous. That’s why it's important to double-check that you are using the right boxes when packing fragile items. Another good way to pack a breakable is to use a lot of packing paper and to double-tape the box when closing it. Moving is often done in a time crunch; however, if you are packing fragile items for a move, it's best to take your time with it.

Moving Fragile Items

Deciding what requires extra wrapping is subjective. People often make the wrong decisions regarding what to be dismissive of. It can be hard to distinguish which are fragile items when it is your first time moving them.

Some of the most fragile items in a house can include the following:

  • Plates/China

  • TVs

  • Picture frames

  • Lamps

  • Glass

  • Artwork

The best piece of advice is to be patient. Frequently, fragile items break before they even get on the road because of a rushed packing job. Having a big, red fragile sticker on all your fragile items is crucial, as this helps to ensure that your item will be handled with care. If there is no label or a sticker, there won't be as much care taken with the box or item. Even for items that are not fragile, labeling is important as it can be very helpful in the unpacking process.

How to Pack Breakables

There's much controversy surrounding the best type of packing material. People use bubble wrap, packing paper, air pillows, and even packing peanuts to fill the space in their boxes. If you are packing smaller breakables, like plates, and stacking them inside a box, our experts suggest packing paper instead of bubble wrap. The packing paper is smoother and creates a better surface for stacking. It can also be helpful to get cardboard dividers for use inside your boxes when packing glass cups. These can be found at your local home improvement store or online.

If you are planning to move bigger items that are fragile, such as TVs, bubble wrap would be the better option. This is because you probably won't be stacking the TV anywhere but simply loading it into the truck, where the bubble wrap can prevent any scratches.

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