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Our Reliable Fleet

An Always Clean, Reliable, & Versatile Fleet

When you partner with Page Relocation, you know your belongings and valuables will be taken care of and transported on a clean and reliable fleet, by our experienced and trustworthy crews.


Our moving fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is regularly maintained to ensure it is clean, reliable, and always ready for any job.


With a range of vehicles in various sizes and capabilities, our fleet is versatile enough to handle any type of move, from small apartments to large homes and commercial spaces.


From Your Old House to Your New Home,
Everything is Tracked


26 ft. Moving Trucks

These trucks are large enough to accommodate a significant amount of furniture and belongings, but still small enough to maneuver through residential areas.


30 ft. Moving Trucks

Dispatched to our larger moves, these trucks provide ample space to transport even more of your home's furniture and belongings while still maintaining ease of maneuverability throughout neighborhoods.


16 ft. & 24 ft. Moving Trucks

These specialty trucks are designed to assist our main moving trucks in transporting special items with the support of their liftgates.

These are also used on smaller moves.




Our professional-grade semi-trucks are designed with large and long-distance moves in mind. Allowing us to combine a multiple truck move into one truck and transport your belongings anywhere with ease, these trucks save our customers time and money.


Custom-Built Moving Trailers

Our custom-built trailers are designed for moving our customers' belongings in the most efficient and safe way possible. From box trailers to moving trailers, we have the right solution for your move.


CustomDirectTM Vans


Specializing in catering to the unique needs of our clients by providing an exceptional line of services tailored to their exact needs. We take pride in our ability to promptly deliver our customers' crucial items to their desired locations with unparalleled efficiency.

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