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Making your move the simplest move ever for your children.

Family oriented initiatives to relieve the stress of moving on your children.

Meet Boxer, Moving's Best Friend TM


Relocating, regardless of age, can be stressful. At Page Relocation, our goal is to ensure that your family’s upcoming move will be your simplest move ever. We acknowledge that we must take special consideration when we help families with children relocate to their next adventure. The inspiration behind this project is to help ensure that your children see that moving can be exciting! We believe that “less is more,” but that the little things can go a long way when it comes to the happiness and comfort of your children. 

Chief Executive Officer

Every one of our moves with children are provided with a complimentary coloring and activity book. This is a simple, yet fun, way for you to help familiarize your child with the moving process.

Games, activities, and tons of coloring with a meaningful message to help relieve any stress they may feel about moving to a new home.


Introduce BoxerTM to your children today.

Download Our Free Coloring Pages!

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